We were super excited and fortunate to have Kevin from Tyre Glider with us to chat all about the next step in the evolution of tyre levers: the Tyre Glider. 

Where did the idea come from? 

Kevin came up with this ingenious product after struggling to get a tyre off his bike, after returning to cycling after 30 years. He knew there had to be an easier way. One day, whilst opening a tin of tuna, Kevin pondered over the engineering behind can openers and thought 'why can't something clip onto the rim of a bike?'.

'I'm not a small bloke, I'm quite strong and I just could not get this tyre off for love nor money!' - Kevin

After researching the market for 2-3 weeks, he found a gap in the market. Kevin knew he needed to get a 3D model of his idea, so that's exactly what he did. After working with a local manufacturer for over a year, Tyre Glider was born!

So, what makes Tyre Glider different?

The Tyre Glider looks nothing like a traditional tyre lever, nor does it work the same. This unique tool gives you full use of both your thumbs, allowing you to lift the tyre bead and scoop the Tyre Glider under. From here, you can slide the wheel off with ease. 

Not only this, but the tool can also be used to put the wheel back on. Feed the wheel behind the Tyre Glider (starting before the valve) to secure the wheel in place and again, just slide around the tyre, easy! 

What is it made from?

The Tyre Glider is made from POM (polyoxymethalene), an extremely strong, recycled material that allows for minimal friction to your bike and wheels. It's also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at only 23g per tool! 

What was the biggest challenge when developing the tool?

Kevin spoke about the initial struggle of getting the tool onto the market during the pandemic. He decided to send off some tools to 'Ride with Roy', a British Cycling Ride Leader and Cycling UK Advocate. You can watch the review on his Youtube channel: 'Ride With Roy'. Roy proclaimed that the Tyre Glider 'will spell the end of the tyre lever as we know it'. 

Putting it to the test 

Wayne (Creator of Rehook) put the Tyre Glider to the test. Amazingly, it took only 4 seconds to take a Marathon tyre off (a tyre made from Kevlar; notorious for being tricky). Putting the tyre back on took only 8 seconds, just imagine how much time and energy this tool will save! Perfect for all ages and abilities. 

'I've yet to come across a tyre that I can't change.' - Kevin

We finished the interview with an additional demonstration from Kevin and a promising statement of more tools and ideas to come. We cannot wait to see what he has in store.


Get your Rehook Tyre Glider

Grab your Rehook Tyre Glider - Quicker, more robust and simpler to use than tyre levers, Rehook Tyre Glider glides tyres both on and off with ease. The compact and lightweight design works across all bike disciplines, allowing swift removal and installation of tight fitting tyres.


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The evolution of tyre levers. Quicker, more robust and simpler to use, Rehook Tyre Glider glides tyres both on and off with ease.

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