We're excited to share our experience from the National Cycling Show 2023, a fantastic retail event that brought together the whole UK's cycling industry. The Show aims to normalise cycling, attract new audiences, and demonstrate that there is a bike for everyone​.

Our booth was buzzing with activity as we demonstrated our latest product, the Rehook Tyre Glider. An evolution of traditional tyre levers, Tyre Glider has been designed with the modern cyclist in mind. Its intuitive design and ease-of-use received fantastic reception from attendees. The tool was also used by the team from Spoke People, who were running the bike clinic.

But the Tyre Glider was not alone. Our other tools, the Rehook Original, Rehook Mini, and one of our best sellers, the Rehook PLUS, were also on display. These tools are designed to help all types of cyclists, from seasoned pros to complete beginners, making their cycling experience more enjoyable and efficient. We were thrilled to see the enthusiasm with which they were received by attendees.

The Bike Clinic was a major highlight of the National Cycling Show. It was the go-to place for mechanical instruction and advice throughout the weekend. The Spoke People team, led by master mechanics and Cytech instructors Lee Niven and Darren Hyland, delivered workshops and sessions for both experienced cyclists and first-time tyre changers. These sessions included practical workshops and seminars, brand-specific demos, and Q&A sessions with professional cyclists, trainers, and mechanics​. The sessions at the bike clinic covered a range of essential topics for cyclists of all skill levels. One of our tools, Rehook Tyre Glider was used within one of these sessions as a simple way to remove and reseat, the tightest of road and trail tyres.

The National Cycling Show was a great opportunity to connect with other industry leaders, cycling enthusiasts, and beginners alike.

We're already looking forward to the next show!

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The evolution of tyre levers. Quicker, more robust and simpler to use, Rehook Tyre Glider glides tyres both on and off with ease.

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