Rehook Resilience Competition Winner

Rehook Resilience Competition Winner

With the launch of our new cycling helmet, we held a competition through multiple platforms asking all of our followers to help us come up with a name for the helmet, with the best name becoming what we officially use and the winner receiving a free helmet of their own. While we received many great suggestions, the one we eventually went with was Rehook Resilience, submitted to us by Brad from Norwich. 



We got in contact with Brad, and he recently received his prize, which he let us know he would be gifting to a good friend of his who had recently been in a small accident and was in need of a new helmet. He then provided us a few pictures of his prize. When we heard about Brad's generosity in gifting his helmet to a friend in need, it really connected with us and we were inspired to turn the competition into this blog post, to share the events with the rest of our followers. The world of cycling is one of community, and looking out for each other, and Brad's actions truly embodied that sense of community.



If you'd like to pick up a Rehook Resilience for yourself you can find them in our store now, and make sure to follow our newsletter or social media pages for more competitions and information about other upcoming products.

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