Norwich Grasstrack Racing: A Trip Down Memory Lane

At Rehook, we're more than just a cycling tool company. We are dedicated advocates of the cycling community, striving to enhance cyclists' experiences through innovative and practical solutions. We are thrilled to be involved in an event that shares our dedication to the sport - the Norwich Grasstrack Racing 2023.

Before we delve into our role in the 2023 event, let's journey back in time to appreciate the roots of this historic event. Norwich Grasstrack Racing stems from the age-old sport of grasstrack cycling, where competitors race on grass or dirt tracks. This tradition has cemented its place in Norwich's vibrant sporting culture and has captivated audiences nationwide.

What has set Norwich Grasstrack Racing apart over the years is its commitment to inclusivity. From professional athletes to cycling enthusiasts, everyone finds their place here. This philosophy aligns with our ethos at Rehook, where we believe cycling is for everyone, and the right tools should be within everyone's reach.

Looking Ahead: Norwich Grasstrack Racing 2023

Fast forward to the present, Norwich Grasstrack Racing is returning on 20th August 2023 at Hewett Academy in Norwich. The event promises a full day of exhilarating track races, including the spotlight-stealing Women’s 400m British National Championships race. But the appeal of Norwich Grasstrack Racing goes beyond the competitive races. It's a celebration of local culture and community, bringing together many local businesses.

Rehook: Joining the Ride

We at Rehook are excited to be a part of this grand community event. We understand that races like Norwich Grasstrack Racing are not just about the competition; they’re about bringing together people who share a common passion for cycling. And as a company built by cycling enthusiasts, we couldn’t be happier to support this passion.

As part of our commitment, all competitors will be given some Rehook cycling goodies to help them give their all to their races, no matter what level they're at.

The Finish Line

As Norwich Grasstrack Racing 2023 approaches, we look forward to celebrating the rich history of grasstrack cycling and the vibrant Norwich community. Our partnership with this event is not just about providing cycling tools; it's about fostering a cycling community and enriching the sport we all love.

For more updates about Norwich Grasstrack Racing 2023, follow them on Instagram (@norwichgrasstrack) and Facebook (@norwichgrasstrack). To be part of the action, enter the event at

This year, Norwich Grasstrack Racing 2023 is more than a race. It's a community gathering and a celebration of local culture.

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