In the vibrant cycling landscape of the Netherlands, our brand, Rehook, finds a harmonious rhythm with the BEAT Cycling Club, a UCI Continental team. Our shared journey is a narrative of how innovation meets passion on the cycling tracks and roads that stretch across this beautiful country, known for its cycling culture.

Our alliance was brought to life through Busy Bee Bike Products, a distributor based in the Netherlands. They have been instrumental in introducing our cutting-edge cycling tools to the enthusiastic riders of BEAT Cycling Club. Among the array of tools we provide, the Rehook Tyre Glider has become a part of the club’s gear, showcasing our commitment to delivering simple solutions to everyday cycling challenges. The fact that our tool has found a place among the professional gear of BEAT Cycling Club stands as a testament to its efficacy and relevance in the competitive world of cycling.

BEAT Cycling Club isn’t just a team; it’s a community that symbolises the essence of cycling. From competing in road and track cycling events to fostering a digital community with their eRacing Team, BEAT champions the spirit of cycling in every endeavour. With prominent riders like Emiel Vermeulen, Yoeri Havik, Gil D'heygere, and the versatile Laurine van Riessen, BEAT Cycling Club embodies a rich blend of talent and dedication.

Supporting BEAT Cycling Club exemplifies the essence of local partnerships blossoming into a global narrative. Through such collaborative efforts, we are not only contributing to the thriving cycling culture in the Netherlands but also inspiring countless individuals to chase their cycling aspirations.

Our narrative with BEAT Cycling Club is a reflection of what cycling represents - a confluence of innovation, community, and the relentless drive for excellence. It’s a narrative that motivates every cyclist to gear up, hit the road, and embrace the boundless adventures awaiting them. As we continue to pedal alongside BEAT Cycling Club on this exhilarating journey, the anticipation for the milestones awaiting us fuels our collective passion for cycling.

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