Find out what it is like working with a Dragon. Below are some frequently asked questions we get about working with Deborah Meaden. We are hugely appreciative of Deborah's advice and hard work; the whole Dragon's Den experience has been a great adventure.

We received investment in our business through BBC Dragons Den in 2019 and are regularly asked 'what it is like working with a Dragon?'


How often do you speak to Deborah?

At the end of each month we send Deborah the monthly accounts with a bit of a summary and she often comes back with a few questions and for more info on any anomalies. So at least once a month. Based on what is needed at the time we may have more or less contact, so if there is something important to cover then we might catchup over a video call.


Deborah seems to be really on the ball, is she? 

Deborah is really good at picking up on small changes in percentages that have a bigger story behind them once investigated. We dread sending an update when we have missed a target, but she usually just gives us some space when we need to get things back on track. If anything I would say she is even sharper that she seems on the show.


Is it hard to compete for a Dragon's attention? They must be very busy?

If we reach out to Deborah, the response is insanely fast - usually within a few minutes. Obviously there will be times when she is busy, but that's the same with everyone! If there is anything major that we need to run through then we jump on a call. In that past if she has spotted an area that she feels we need some support in, then she has jumped straight on it.


How has Deborah impacted you the most?

Having a Dragons' Den investors advice and knowledge has been a huge help. Deborah Meaden has an incredible insight into market trends, what is important to customers and how consumer habits will change over time.

Having an investor help to keep focus on the business plan and ensures we regularly revisit it. This is very important for focus and the growth of the business.

Having an investor has made a big difference in accountability. It has helped us to be more thorough with accountancy. The additional accountability has meant that we investigate any discrepancies more than we would otherwise do. When sending the accounts each month we need to be sure we dig deeper into the numbers and are able to pre-empt any questions.


I hope that this has been insightful as to how things work after the Den. Chat with us on our social media profiles and in the comments below and let us know if you have any more questions!


Thank you for reading, 

- Wayne


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