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one eighty


A 180 is a U-turn on a bicycle or a trick where riders perform a 180-degree spin while in the air.

Example usage: I made a 180 to head back to the start.

Most used in: Mountain biking, BMX, and other off-road cycling.

Most used by: Downhill and freeride mountain bikers, BMX riders, and other off-road cyclists.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 6

Also see: Spin, U-turn, Reverse, Flip, Reversal, Switchback,

What Does 180 Mean in Cycling?

The cycling term “180” is used to describe a 180-degree turn or spin. This move is often used in BMX and mountain biking, where riders perform stunts to show off their skills. It involves the rider turning their bike around completely, facing the direction they were originally heading.

The 180 is a popular move among BMX riders, often seen in competitions. According to the International Cycling Union (UCI), BMX racing is one of the most practiced cycling disciplines, with an estimated 10 million people worldwide taking part in the sport. This means that 180s are seen in many different types of cycling events.

The 180 is a move that requires skill and practice to perfect. Riders must be comfortable with their balance and positioning on the bike, as well as their ability to turn quickly. With enough practice, riders can make the 180 look like a smooth, effortless manoeuvre.

The 180 is an impressive move that can be used to show off a rider’s skills. It’s also a great way to turn quickly and safely in tight spaces. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the 180 is a move that all cyclists should know how to do.


The Origin of Cycling Term '180'

The term '180' originated in the mid-1980s in the United States and is now used by cyclists all around the world. The term is used to describe a 180-degree spin in the air, made by a cyclist, while in the air after a jump.

The term was first used by BMX racers in California in the mid-1980s. The term was adopted by freestyle BMX riders who would do the same spin at skateparks, and then it spread to the mountain biking community. It is now used by all sorts of cyclists, from BMX and mountain bikers to BMX racers and dirt jumpers.

The term '180' is used to describe the spin in the air, because it is a 180-degree rotation. It is also used by other action sports, such as skateboarding and snowboarding, to describe the same spin.

The term '180' is now used in all sorts of cycling disciplines and is an important part of the language of cyclists around the world.

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