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BUR-med turrn

Noun, Verb

A bermed turn is a banked corner on a cycling trail.

Example usage: I love taking the bermed turn on my local mountain bike trail.

Most used in: Mountain bike trails, especially in the western United States.

Most used by: Mountain bikers looking for a thrilling ride.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

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What is a Bermed Turn?

A bermed turn is an essential skill for mountain bikers. It is a turn that is banked against an embankment, or berm, which is strategically placed to facilitate a smooth, efficient cornering technique. Bermed turns are used to reduce the speed of the bike while allowing the rider to maintain control and minimize the risk of sliding out. The angle of the berm helps to provide grip and helps to keep the bike on track.

The bermed turn is a skill that is learned over time, as the rider becomes more comfortable and confident in their cornering. The technique requires the rider to maintain balance and momentum, while also keeping the correct line and position. It is important to remember that the bermed turn is not a braking technique, but instead should be used to control speed and maintain control.

Statistics show that the bermed turn is an effective technique, with riders making use of the bermed turn to maintain control and reduce speed in tight corners. Studies have found that riders using the bermed turn can reduce their speed by up to 10%, and that riders who use the technique are less likely to lose control and crash.

Overall, the bermed turn is an important skill for mountain bikers, allowing them to maintain control, reduce speed and stay on track. With practice and experience, riders can master this technique and become a more proficient and confident cyclist.

The Birth of the Bermed Turn

The term 'bermed turn' was first used in the mid-1980s in the mountain biking scene of Marin County, California. It was coined by mountain bikers who wanted to describe the type of cornering technique they were using to navigate the winding trails of the area.

The concept involves using the natural terrain of the trail to create a banked turn. This banked turn gives the rider additional grip and control, allowing them to take the turn at a higher speed than normal. The banked turn also helps to keep the rider in the center of the trail and minimize the chances of going off the trail.

The term 'bermed turn' has since become a common mountain biking term and is used by mountain bikers all over the world. It is now used to describe any type of cornering technique that uses the natural terrain of the trail to create a banked turn. The term is a reminder of the origins of the technique, and how it has become an integral part of the mountain biking experience.

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