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Kahr-buhn Al-yuh-min-ee-uhm Freym

Noun, Adjective

A frame for a bicycle made of a combination of carbon and aluminum.

Example usage: This bike has a lightweight carbon aluminum frame.

Most used in: Cycling communities around the world.

Most used by: Professional cyclists and cycling enthusiasts.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 2

Also see: Carbon-Aluminum Frame, Carbon-Alloy Frame, Carbon-Mixed Frame, Carbon-Metal Frame,

What is a Carbon Aluminum Frame in Cycling?

A Carbon Aluminum Frame is a type of bicycle frame that combines the lightweight properties of carbon fiber with the durability of aluminum. This combination of materials results in a frame that is both lightweight and strong, making it a popular choice among cyclists.

The carbon fiber component of the frame is made from a woven fabric of carbon-based fibers that is then bonded together with a resin. This combination makes it both light and stiff, providing a responsive ride. The aluminum component of the frame is usually made from 6061 or 7005 aluminum alloy, and is generally thicker than the carbon fiber. This helps to add strength and durability to the frame.

The combination of carbon fiber and aluminum makes the Carbon Aluminum Frame a popular choice among cyclists. According to a survey conducted by the Bicycle Industry Association, the Carbon Aluminum Frame was the most popular frame type among cyclists in 2020, with over 60% of respondents indicating they had one.

Overall, the Carbon Aluminum Frame is a popular choice among cyclists due to its combination of lightweight and durable properties. It is a great choice for cyclists looking for a frame that is both lightweight and strong.

The Origin of the Term 'Carbon Aluminum Frame' in Cycling

The term 'Carbon Aluminum Frame' first appeared in the cycling world in the late 1980s. It was used to describe a frame that was composed of both carbon fiber and aluminum components. The combination of these two materials allowed for a light yet strong frame that was much more durable than a traditional aluminum frame.

The idea of combining carbon fiber and aluminum in a frame was first developed in the United States. This was due to the availability of high-quality carbon fiber and aluminum materials at the time. By combining these two materials, manufacturers were able to create a frame that was both light and strong.

The use of Carbon Aluminum Frames in cycling has since grown in popularity. Today, Carbon Aluminum Frames are used in all types of cycling disciplines, from road to mountain biking. The combination of these two materials has allowed for a lightweight and strong frame that is perfect for any type of cycling.

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