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Noun, Plural

Cranks are the arms that connect the pedals to the bicycle.

Example usage: When I replaced the cranks on my bike, it felt like I was pedaling much more smoothly.

Most used in: Bicycle maintenance and repair circles.

Most used by: Cyclists who are familiar with the technical aspects of their bike.

Popularity: 7

Comedy Value: 2

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What are Cranks in Cycling?

Cranks are an essential part of a bicycle and are the components that convert a cyclist’s pedalling motion into a power that is used to propel the bike forward. The cranks are attached to the bottom bracket at the centre of the bike and are connected to the pedals. They are usually made from aluminium or carbon fibre, and come in a variety of lengths.

The length of the cranks is important as it affects the cyclist’s pedalling efficiency. Longer cranks are more efficient as they provide more leverage, while shorter cranks are easier to spin. The average length of a crank is 170 mm, with sizes ranging from 165mm to 175 mm. Professional cyclists typically use cranks of 170-172.5 mm.

It is important to have the right length cranks for your bike as they can affect your performance. If you have cranks that are too long or too short, it can lead to knee pain and fatigue. The best way to determine the right length for your cranks is to have a professional bike fit done.

The History of the Cycling Term “Cranks”

The term “cranks” has been used in the cycling world for many years. It was first used in the late 19th century, in the United Kingdom. It was used to refer to the arms of the pedals, which are connected to the axle of the bicycle.

The term is thought to have originated from the shape of the crank arms, which resemble a crank handle used to start a hand-cranked engine. It is also thought to have been derived from the term “crank”, which is used to describe a person who is overly enthusiastic or eccentric.

In the early 20th century, the term “cranks” was used to refer to the pedals of a bicycle, as well as the arms that connect the pedals to the axle. The term is still widely used in the cycling world today, and has become a popular way to refer to the arms of the pedals.

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