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flat-land bee-em-ex

noun, cycling lingo

Flatland BMX is a type of riding where the cyclist performs tricks while stationary or rolling.

Example usage: 'I've been practicing flatland BMX for a few months now.'

Most used in: Street and skatepark settings in Europe and North America.

Most used by: Freestyle BMX riders and skateboarders.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Flatland BMX, Flatland Freestyle, Street Freestyle, Park Freestyle,

What is Flatland BMX?

Flatland BMX is a cycling discipline that involves performing tricks and stunts on a BMX bike in a stationary, or flat, area. It is often referred to as “flatlanding” and is considered to be an extreme sport.

Flatland BMX is mostly practiced in skateparks, but can also be performed in a variety of other places such as parking lots, driveways, and even gymnasiums. It is a creative form of cycling which involves the rider manipulating the bike in a variety of ways. This includes spinning, balancing, and flipping the bike while performing tricks.

Flatland BMX is a growing sport, with the number of participants increasing each year. According to the International Olympic Committee, there are currently over 1 million flatland riders in the world. As the sport continues to grow, it is becoming more and more popular with both recreational and competitive cyclists.

Flatland BMX is an exciting and challenging cycling discipline that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re looking for a new way to ride, give flatland BMX a try!


The Origin of Flatland BMX

Flatland BMX is a term that was first used in the late 1970s in California. It refers to a style of BMX riding that is done on flat terrain, rather than on ramps or jumps. This style of riding includes tricks and stunts that require balance and skill on a flat surface, such as spinning, hopping, and sliding.

Flatland BMX was created by a group of riders from California, who were looking for a way to take the sport of BMX in a new direction. They experimented with their bikes on flat surfaces, and developed a unique style of riding that focused on balance and control.

The term 'Flatland BMX' was first used in the early 1980s, and has since become the name for this style of riding. It has grown in popularity over the years, and is now a recognized discipline of BMX, alongside other styles such as dirt jumping, street riding, and vert riding.

Flatland BMX has become an important part of the BMX culture, and continues to be a popular discipline among riders. Its origins in California in the late 1970s have helped shape the sport, and its popularity has grown worldwide.

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