fluhd tray-ner

noun, trainer

A stationary bicycle trainer that uses a fluid resistance system

Example usage: 'I'm done with outdoor cycling for the winter, so I'll be using my fluid-trainer instead.'

Most used in: Areas with cold and/or wet climates where outdoor cycling is not feasible year-round.

Most used by: Cyclists who prefer to maintain their fitness indoors during the winter months.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Rollers, Turbo Trainer, Wind Trainer, Fluid Trainer,


What is a Fluid-Trainer?

A fluid-trainer is a type of stationary bicycle trainer used by cyclists for training indoors. It is designed to replicate the feel of riding on the road, while providing a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for training. The fluid-trainer works by using a fan-shaped flywheel which is connected to the rear wheel of the bicycle. As the cyclist pedals, the flywheel is forced to rotate, creating resistance. This resistance is adjustable depending on the cyclist's preference.

Fluid-trainers are becoming increasingly popular among cyclists due to their effectiveness in improving performance. Studies have shown that using a fluid-trainer can significantly increase a cyclist's power output, as well as improving aerobic fitness and muscular endurance. In addition, fluid-trainers offer a much lower cost and more convenient option than riding outdoors, as they require no special weather conditions or terrain.

Fluid-trainers are a great way for cyclists to stay in shape and improve their performance during the off-season. They provide a safe, comfortable and convenient environment for training, while also offering a realistic and effective training experience. With the right approach and dedication, cyclists can use fluid-trainers to achieve their goals and reach new levels of performance.

The Origin of the Term 'Fluid-Trainer' in Cycling

The term 'fluid-trainer' is used to describe a type of bicycle trainer that uses a fluid-based resistance system. This system allows cyclists to simulate the experience of riding outdoors on a stationary bike. The first fluid-trainer was invented in 1999 by Kurt Gensheimer in the United States.

The fluid-trainer was designed to simulate the feeling of riding on an actual road, with its resistance increasing as the speed of the cyclist increases. This allowed cyclists to improve their fitness and technique without having to leave their homes. The fluid-trainer quickly became popular among cyclists and the term 'fluid-trainer' was soon adopted to describe this type of trainer.

Today, fluid-trainers are still popular among cyclists and are commonly used to improve fitness and technique. They continue to be a popular choice for cyclists looking to train indoors without sacrificing the feeling of riding outdoors.

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