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Gruh-vuhl grind-ing

Noun, Verb

A cross between mountain biking and road biking. An off-road cycling event that combines the thrill of taking on challenging terrain with the adventure of exploring scenic backroads.

Example usage: 'Let's go gravel grinding this weekend!'

Most used in: rural areas with unpaved roads.

Most used by: bikepacking cyclists or adventure cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Gravel Grinding, Gravel Racing, Dirty Kanza, Grinder Riding,

What is Gravel Grinding?

Gravel grinding is a type of cycling that involves riding on a mixed surface route, including both pavement and unpaved gravel roads. It has become a popular form of cycling in recent years, with the number of gravel grinder events increasing exponentially. Gravel grinding is a great way to explore the outdoors and discover new routes, as well as providing a challenging and unique cycling experience.

Gravel grinding is often seen as a combination of road and mountain biking, allowing riders to take on a variety of terrain. It requires a different kind of bike than traditional road cycling, such as a cyclocross bike, gravel grinder, or a mountain bike with wider tires. Gravel grinding is also a great way to explore backcountry roads and trails, as the bikes are designed to handle a variety of surfaces.

Gravel grinding has become increasingly popular in recent years, with the number of gravel grinder events increasing from just a few in 2009 to over 500 in 2019. In the US alone, there are now over 1,000 gravel grinding events, and the sport is growing in popularity worldwide. It’s a great way to explore the outdoors and experience a unique cycling experience.


Gravel Grinding: The Origin of the Cycling Term

Gravel grinding is a term used in the cycling community to describe the activity of riding a bike on unpaved roads. The term was first used in the mid-2000s in the United States and Canada. It is thought to have come from the term “grinder”, which was a type of race popular in the 1980s. Grinders were long-distance races held on dirt roads and trails.

Gravel grinding was popularized by the 2005 release of the film “Gravel Grinders”. The film featured a group of cyclists from the Midwest who would ride the dirt roads and trails of the region. The film showcased the rugged beauty of the region and the sense of adventure that gravel grinding offered.

Gravel grinding has since become a popular activity for cyclists, with events such as the Dirty Kanza 200 and Crusher in the Tushar drawing hundreds of participants each year. The activity has also gained traction in Europe, with gravel grinding events such as the Transcontinental Race and the Adventure Syndicate Women’s Gravel Grinder gaining popularity.

Gravel grinding is an activity that continues to grow in popularity, and the term is now used to describe the activity of riding a bike on unpaved roads and trails all over the world.

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