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hahp awn

verb, phrasal verb

A move used when unicycling where the rider jumps onto the unicycle.

Example usage: Let's hop on and ride to the park!

Most used in: Unicycling circles around the world.

Most used by: Unicyclists and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 6/10

Also see: Climb aboard, Mount up, Saddle up, Jump on,


What Does 'Hop On' Mean in Cycling?

The phrase 'hop on' is a term used by bikers and cyclists to describe the act of mounting a bicycle. It is an important skill to learn, as it provides the rider with a safe and efficient way to get on the bike. This is especially important when getting on a bike after stopping for a break or when beginning a ride.

The process of hopping on a bike typically involves the rider placing one foot on a pedal or the frame of the bike and then pushing off the ground with the other foot. This allows the rider to mount the bike without having to lift their entire body weight or risk losing balance. It is a quick and easy way to get on the bike without having to use a kickstand or other support.

Hop on is also a term used to describe the act of joining a group ride. This is when a rider joins a group of other cyclists who are already on the road. This term is often used to encourage others to join a ride, as it is a simple and safe way to join a group.

According to statistics from the National Household Travel Survey, cycling is one of the most popular forms of transportation in the United States. Over 4.5 million Americans use a bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. Knowing how to safely hop on a bike is an important skill for anyone who wants to join the millions of Americans who ride a bike.


The Origins of the Cycling Term 'Hop On'

The cycling term 'Hop On' first appeared in the early 19th century in the United States. It was used to describe a cyclist's ability to hop onto the back of a moving bicycle and ride along. This was a popular activity among cyclists of the time, as it allowed them to travel further and faster than they could on their own.

The term 'Hop On' was first documented in 1887, when it was used in a book titled 'The Bicyclers' Road Book: A Complete Guide to the Art of Cycling'. The book described the process of hopping onto the back of a moving bicycle as 'a feat of daring'. By the early 20th century, the term had become widely used and was used to describe the act of riding on the outside of a vehicle.

Today, the term 'Hop On' is still used by cyclists to refer to the act of hopping onto the back of a moving bicycle. It is also commonly used to describe the act of hopping onto the back of a bus or train. The term is still widely used in the United States and is used around the world to describe the same activity.

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