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The green jersey, awarded to the leader of the General Classification in the Tour de France.

Example usage: 'He was the proud wearer of the Maillot Vert for several stages of the Tour de France.'

Most used in: Europe, particularly France.

Most used by: Professional and amateur cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Maillot à Pois, Jersey de Classement, Maillot de Points, Maillot Vert,


What Is The Maillot Vert?

The Maillot Vert, or more commonly known as the green jersey, is a prestigious award given to the best overall cyclist in the Tour de France. It is the most coveted jersey in cycling and is only presented to the cyclist who accumulates the most points throughout the race.

The first Maillot Vert was awarded in 1953 to the Italian cyclist, Fausto Coppi. Since then, the jersey has been presented to some of the most renowned cyclists in the world, including Lance Armstrong, Eddy Merckx, and Chris Froome. The current record holder for the most green jerseys won is the German cyclist, Erik Zabel, who won 6 times.

The points system used to determine who will receive the Maillot Vert is based on a variety of criteria. Points are awarded for stage wins, intermediate sprints, and time bonuses. The cyclist with the most points at the end of the Tour de France is declared the winner of the Maillot Vert.

The Maillot Vert is one of the most prestigious awards in cycling and is highly sought after by professional cyclists. It is a symbol of excellence and the highest honor a cyclist can receive.


The Origin of Maillot Vert in Cycling

The term 'Maillot Vert' (or 'Green Jersey') is a distinctive uniform worn by the leader of the general classification in the Tour de France, one of the most prestigious cycling events in the world. The jersey was first used in the 1931 edition of the Tour de France, when it was worn by Belgian cyclist Antonin Magne.

The original Maillot Vert was a bright green colour, which made it easy to identify the leader of the race. The jersey was designed by a French fashion designer, Marcel Gauthier, who was inspired by the colour of the French national flag. The jersey was also used in other cycling events in France, such as the Critérium du Dauphiné and Paris-Nice.

The Maillot Vert has since become a symbol of the Tour de France and a coveted prize for many cyclists. The jersey is now considered an iconic part of the event, and it is worn by the leaders of the general classification in all of the major cycling events around the world.

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