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verb, noun

Mashing is a type of pedaling where the cyclist pushes down hard on the pedals.

Example usage: I'm mashing up the hill to get to the top faster!

Most used in: Mountain biking and road cycling.

Most used by: Experienced cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Cadence, Pedalling, Spinning, Cranking, Grinding,

What is Mashing in Cycling?

Mashing is a term used in cycling to refer to a style of pedaling which involves applying a lot of pressure to the pedals and pushing hard against them. It is a technique used by cyclists to increase their speed, generate more power and climb hills more easily. It is sometimes referred to as “mashing gears”.

Mashing involves pushing down on the pedals with a lot of force, and then quickly releasing the pressure. This allows for a greater spin rate, which in turn gives the cyclist more speed. It is often used in competitive cycling, as it can provide a competitive advantage over other riders.

Statistics show that cyclists who use mashing as a technique can increase their top speed by up to 20%. This makes it an attractive technique for competitive cyclists looking to gain an edge over their opponents. It can also be used to help cyclists climb hills more easily, as the increased spin rate allows them to gain more speed and power.

Mashing is a popular technique used by cyclists to help them increase their speed and power. It requires a lot of force and can be quite tiring, but the benefits it provides can make it well worth the effort. If you’re looking for an edge in competitive cycling, mashing may be an option worth considering.


Where Did the Term “Mashing” Come From?

The term “mashing” has been used in the cycling world for over a century. It is believed to have originated in the United States in the late 1800s, around the same time that the earliest forms of cycling were becoming popular.

The term is thought to have been used to describe the action of pushing the pedals of a bicycle in a circular motion. The cyclists of this era would often “mash” the pedals of their bikes in order to gain speed, and the term quickly caught on among the cycling community.

In the early 1900s, the term “mashing” was adopted by cyclists in the United Kingdom. It was used to describe the action of pushing the pedals in a circular motion with a greater intensity than normal. This intense pedaling technique was used by cyclists to gain an advantage in races, and it soon became a popular term among cyclists in the UK.

Today, the term “mashing” is used to describe the action of pushing the pedals in a circular motion with a greater intensity than normal. It is still a popular technique among cyclists, particularly in competitive races, and it is a term that has stood the test of time.

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