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mow-tuhn bah-king mag-uh-zeen


A magazine dedicated to mountain biking

Example usage: I read the latest issue of the mountain-biking-magazine to get the latest tips on trail riding.

Most used in: Mountain biking communities worldwide.

Most used by: Mountain bikers and cycling enthusiasts.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Mountain Bike Magazine, MTB Magazine, Cycling Magazine, Mountain Biking Magazine,


What is Mountain Biking?

Mountain biking is an outdoor activity that involves riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain. It is a popular sport that combines elements of endurance, skill, and speed. Mountain biking is a great way to explore nature, challenge yourself, and get an adrenaline rush.

Mountain-biking-magazine is a term used to describe a publication that focuses on mountain biking news, tips, and events. Mountain-biking-magazine often includes articles about the latest gear, advice on safety, and reviews of trails and parks. It also covers mountain biking competitions and other special events.

Mountain biking is a popular sport in many countries around the world. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, over 40 million Americans participate in mountain biking annually. Furthermore, mountain biking is one of the fastest growing outdoor activities in the United States.

So if you're looking for information, tips, and advice on mountain biking, a mountain-biking-magazine is a great place to start. With its comprehensive coverage of the sport, you'll be sure to find the information you need.


Origins of the Term 'Mountain-Biking-Magazine'

The term 'mountain-biking-magazine' first appeared in the context of cycling in the early 1980s in the United States. It was coined as a descriptive phrase for the growing number of off-road cycling publications that were being produced at the time.

Mountain biking is a relatively new form of cycling, and the first mountain-biking magazine was launched in 1981. The magazine, entitled Mountain Bike Action, was published in California and aimed to provide readers with information about the sport and important cycling-related news.

Since then, mountain biking has grown in popularity and the number of mountain-biking magazines has grown significantly. Today, there are a wide range of mountain-biking magazines available, providing readers with detailed information about the sport as well as tips and advice for all levels of cyclists.

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