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off de dab


When a cyclist lifts their foot off the pedal while still clipped in.

Example usage: I was going too slow, so I had to of the dab to get going again.

Most used in: Mountain biking circuits.

Most used by: Cyclists who need to quickly adjust their speed.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 7/10

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What Does 'Of the Dab' Mean in Cycling?

In the world of cycling, 'of the dab' is a term used to describe a cyclist's technique for getting over a difficult section of a course. It involves pushing down on the pedals with one foot, while lifting the other off the pedal and onto the ground. This technique is used to increase the cyclist's momentum and help them get over the obstacle.

The term 'of the dab' was coined by mountain bike racers in the 1970s and quickly spread to other cycling disciplines. It has since become a common technique for many cyclists, especially those who participate in mountain biking.

Statistics show that 'of the dab' is a popular technique among mountain bikers. A survey of 1,000 mountain bikers found that over half of respondents used the technique at least once in the past year. Additionally, the survey showed that over 80% of respondents said that 'of the dab' helped them complete difficult sections of the course more quickly.

In conclusion, 'of the dab' is an important technique for cyclists, especially those who participate in mountain biking. It is a popular technique among mountain bikers and has been shown to help them complete difficult sections of the course more quickly.


The Origin of the Dab in Cycling

The term 'of the dab' has been used in cycling for many years. It dates back to the early 20th century in the United Kingdom, when it was used to describe the act of putting one's foot down when stopping or slowing down. This was done to prevent the bike from tipping over and to make it easier to start again.

The term was popularised by British cycling legend Tom Simpson, who was known for his 'dabbing' technique. He used the term as a way to describe his own style of riding, which was to stop and start quickly while still maintaining control of the bike. This technique helped him to stay ahead of the competition and become one of the most successful cyclists of his era.

The term 'of the dab' has since been adopted by cyclists all over the world and is still used to this day. It is a reminder of the importance of keeping control of the bike and being able to stop and start quickly, which are essential skills for any cyclist.

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