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over-unders, noun

A type of interval workout used by cyclists for training.

Example usage: 'I'm doing an over-unders workout today to get my legs ready for the race.'

Most used in: Cycling communities in North America and Europe.

Most used by: Cyclists training for races or long-distance rides.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

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What Are Over-Unders In Cycling?

Over-unders, also known as interval training, is a type of cycling workout where the cyclist alternates between periods of high intensity and low intensity. The goal of over-unders is to improve the cyclist's aerobic capacity and muscular endurance. During an over-under workout, the cyclist will perform a series of intervals of high intensity followed by a period of low intensity. For example, the cyclist may ride for five minutes at a high intensity, followed by two minutes at a low intensity.

Over-unders can be performed on any type of bike and are a great way to improve fitness and performance. Studies have shown that over-unders can improve a cyclist's lactate threshold, which is the point at which the body starts to produce lactic acid during exercise, and help the cyclist to ride faster and longer.

Over-unders are a great way to mix up your training routine, as they provide a challenging and effective workout. They can also be used to prepare for a race or event, as they help to improve the cyclist's speed and endurance. If you are looking for a way to take your cycling to the next level, over-unders are a great way to do it.


The Origin of 'Over-Unders' in Cycling

The term “over-unders” is a commonly used phrase in the cycling world. It refers to the process of changing the stem length of a bike to adjust the handlebars to the rider’s height. This process is also known as “stem-swapping” or “stem-flipping”.

The term “over-unders” was first used in the late 1980s in the United States. It was popularized by cyclists who were using mountain bikes with adjustable stems. The term “over-unders” was used to describe the process of adjusting the stem length of a bike to fit the rider’s height.

The term “over-unders” has since become an accepted piece of cycling terminology and is now used in many countries around the world. It is an important part of bike setup and can be used to make sure the bike fits the rider for optimal performance.

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