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PEE-dul REV-uh-loo-shun

Noun, Verb

Pedal Revolution is a term used to describe the power and speed of cycling.

Example usage: I love the feeling of Pedal Revolution when I'm out on a ride.

Most used in: Cycling circles in Europe.

Most used by: Road cyclists and mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Cadence Revolution, Crank Revolution, Gear Revolution, Pedal Power, Pedal Stroke, Spin Cycle, Spin Class, Cycle Sprint, Cycle Spin,

What is Pedal Revolution?

Pedal Revolution is a term used to describe the growing trend of people who are cycling for both leisure and transportation purposes. This term is often used to refer to the increasing number of people who are choosing to ditch the car and opt for a bicycle instead.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, bicycle commuting has increased by 60 percent in the last decade. This has been attributed to a number of factors, including increased awareness of the environmental benefits of cycling, improved infrastructure and public transport, and the rising cost of owning and maintaining a car.

The term Pedal Revolution is also used to describe the growing number of bicycle-based businesses and organizations. This includes bike shops, repair services, cycling clubs, and advocacy groups. These businesses and organizations are helping to promote the use of bicycles for transportation, recreation, and health.

The Pedal Revolution is a movement that is gaining momentum across the United States and the world. More people are turning to cycling for their transportation needs, and businesses and organizations are helping to promote and support the cycling lifestyle.


Pedal Revolution: Where it All Began

The term 'Pedal Revolution' first appeared in the late 19th century in the United Kingdom. It referred to the new cycling craze that had swept the nation, and was used to describe the vast number of cyclists on the roads.

The term was used to describe the surge of cyclists that were seen on the roads - it was a revolution of sorts, as the bicycle was becoming a popular form of transport among both the working classes and the upper classes.

It wasn't until the 20th century that the term 'Pedal Revolution' began to gain worldwide recognition. It was used to describe the bicycle as a symbol of freedom and progress, and was often used in political and social contexts.

Today, the term 'Pedal Revolution' is still used to describe the cycling phenomenon, and is commonly used to refer to the cycling culture that has grown in recent years. It is a reminder of the impact that cycling has had on society and a celebration of the freedom that comes with riding a bike.

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