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A cyclist who is particularly adept at short, sharp climbs.

Example usage: 'The puncheurs will be the ones to watch in this race.'

Most used in: Cycling races in hilly regions.

Most used by: Professional and amateur road cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 3/10

Also see: Cobblers, Sprinters, Rouleurs, Rouleuse,


What is a Puncheur in Cycling?

A puncheur is a type of cyclist that excels in short, steep climbs. These riders typically have a high power-to-weight ratio, allowing them to accelerate quickly and climb short, steep hills with ease. They are sometimes referred to as “climbers” or “punchers”.

In cycling, puncheurs often excel in one-day races such as the Tour de France, where they can make their mark by attacking on short, steep climbs. As a result, they often become the most popular riders in the peloton, as they make the race more exciting for spectators. Puncheurs are often considered to be the most aggressive and daring riders in the peloton.

The term “puncheur” is derived from the French word “punch”, which means “to hit”. This term was originally used to describe a type of boxer, but it has since been adopted to describe a type of cyclist. Puncheurs are often seen as the “fighters” of the cycling world, as they are willing to take risks and push their limits in order to achieve success.

According to a recent survey, the majority of professional cyclists (52%) consider themselves to be puncheurs. This is followed by all-rounders (27%) and sprinters (14%). Puncheurs are also the most popular type of cyclist among amateur cyclists, with more than half (55%) of amateur cyclists claiming to be puncheurs.

Puncheurs are an essential part of the cycling world, as they often provide the most exciting and thrilling moments during races. They are willing to take risks and push their limits in order to achieve success, and they are often seen as the “fighters” of the cycling world.


Origin of the Term 'Puncheurs' in Cycling

The term 'puncheurs' originates from the French word 'punch' which means 'to hit'. It is used to describe cyclists who excel in short, sharp climbs, often referred to as 'punches'. The term first appeared in the early 2000s when French journalists used it to describe the riders who excelled in hilly one-day classics such as the Tour of Flanders or the Paris-Roubaix.

The term has since been adopted by the wider cycling community and is often used to describe riders who are powerful, aggressive, and well-suited to short, steep climbs. Puncheurs are usually the riders who make the decisive moves in races, often by attacking on the shorter climbs.

The term 'puncheur' is now widely used in the cycling world and is a testament to the French influence on the sport. It is used to describe riders who can make the difference in races and who are well-suited to hilly terrain.

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