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verb, noun

Ragging is a form of riding fast and hard on technical terrain.

Example usage: 'Let's go ragging down this trail!'

Most used in: Mountain biking trails in the western United States.

Most used by: Experienced mountain bikers.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Drafting, Slipstreaming, Tucking, Pacelining,


What is Ragging in Cycling?

Ragging is a term used in cycling to describe a technique of riding that involves a group of riders working together to increase their speed. This is commonly done by riders taking turns at the front of the group, with each rider pushing the pace for a short period before dropping back and allowing the next rider to take their turn. This technique is used to conserve energy, as each rider takes a shorter turn at the front and therefore doesn't have to work as hard as they would if they were to stay at the front for the entire ride.

Ragging is a popular technique used by competitive cyclists, and can be seen in many professional cycling races. Studies have shown that cyclists who use ragging can increase their average speed by up to 5%, which can make a big difference in a race. In addition, the technique allows riders to conserve energy and stay fresh for the end of the race, when it really counts.

Ragging is a great technique for cyclists of all levels, as it allows them to work together to increase their speed and conserve energy. It can be a great way to make a long ride more enjoyable, as well as a great way to increase speed for competitive cyclists.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Ragging'

The term 'ragging' is a slang term used in cycling and has been around since the early 1900s. It is believed to have originated in the United Kingdom, specifically Scotland, where it was used to describe a cyclist who was pushing their bike up a hill as fast as they can.

The term was used to describe the cyclist's effort to push their bike up a hill as quickly as possible, and it was thought to be a more efficient way of moving through the terrain. The term was popularized in the 1920s and 1930s, when cycling became more popular as a sport.

Today, the term is still used in cycling to describe a cyclist who is pushing their bike up a hill as quickly as possible. It is also used to describe a cyclist who is going as fast as they can on flat terrain.

The term 'ragging' is still used today by cyclists around the world, and it has become a part of the cycling culture. It is a testament to the endurance of the sport and the dedication of the cyclists who participate in it.

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