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Sed-uhl Bag

Noun, Proper Noun

A bag that hangs off the back of a bicycle saddle.

Example usage: I strapped my saddle bag to my bike before heading out on the trail.

Most used in: Bikepacking, a form of cycling that involves multi-day trips on unpaved trails.

Most used by: Adventure cyclists and bikepackers who need to carry supplies for multi-day trips.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Saddle Pack, Seat Pack, Saddlebag, Saddle Pouch,

What is a Saddle Bag?

A saddle bag is a small pouch that is designed to attach to the rear of a bicycle saddle. It is typically used to store small items such as tools, spare tubes, and other items that a cyclist may need while riding. Saddle bags are an essential piece of cycling equipment, as they allow cyclists to easily access and store items while riding.

Saddle bags vary in size and shape, with some larger models being able to store up to 10 liters of items. The most common type of saddle bag is a frame-mounted bag, which is attached to the frame of the bike with straps or clips. Other types of saddle bags include handlebar bags, seatpost bags, and under-seat bags.

According to a survey conducted by the National Bicycle Dealers Association, saddle bags are the most popular type of cycling accessory, with over 65% of cyclists using them. Saddle bags are also one of the most affordable types of cycling accessories, with prices ranging from as little as $10 to over $100.

In conclusion, saddle bags are an essential piece of cycling equipment. They provide cyclists with a convenient way to store and access items while riding, and are one of the most popular and affordable types of cycling accessories.


The Origins of the Cycling Term 'Saddle Bag'

The term 'saddle bag' first appeared in the early 1800s, when it was used to describe a small bag placed behind the saddle of a horse. The bag was used to carry personal items and to protect the saddle from wear and tear. It is believed that the first saddle bags were developed in Europe, where they were popular among horseback riders.

By the late 1800s, it had become common to attach a similar bag to the frame of a bicycle. The bags were used to carry items such as tools, spare parts, and food. This was a convenient way for cyclists to carry their belongings and to keep them out of the way while cycling. The bags were also known as 'cyclist's knapsacks' or 'bike bags'.

Today, the term 'saddle bag' is used to refer to a variety of bags that are attached to the frame of a bicycle. They are used by cyclists to store items while riding, and they come in a variety of sizes and designs. Saddle bags are still popular among cyclists, as they are a convenient way to carry items while cycling.

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