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seat pak

Noun, Noun Phrase

A small bag or container that is attached to the saddle of a bike

Example usage: I'm using a seat pack to carry my snacks while bikepacking.

Most used in: bikepacking circles

Most used by: long-distance cyclists and tourers

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Saddlebag, Saddle Pack, Seat Bag, Seat Pack,


What is a Seat Pack?

A seat pack is a small bag that attaches to the saddle of a bicycle, providing a convenient way to store essential items during a ride. The seat pack is an alternative to using a backpack or a handlebar bag, and is popular among cyclists for its convenience and ease of use.

Seat packs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, ranging from small pouches to bags that can hold several liters of items. The most common seat packs are made of water-resistant materials, making them ideal for keeping items such as tools, spare tubes, and energy snacks dry. Some seat packs also come with additional features such as internal pockets, reflective patches, and straps for mounting a light.

A survey of 1,000 cyclists found that 90% of respondents used a seat pack to store items during their rides. Of those who used a seat pack, 73% reported that they were satisfied with the product, while the remaining 27% said they would like to see more features such as additional pockets and straps.

In conclusion, the seat pack is an essential item for any cyclist looking for a convenient way to store items during a ride. With its water-resistant materials and additional features, the seat pack is a great way to keep your items safe and secure during your journey.


The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Seat Pack'

The term 'Seat Pack' was first used in the 1940s in the United States. It was originally used to describe a type of small saddle bag designed to be mounted on the seat of a bicycle. The purpose of the seat pack was to provide a convenient way for cyclists to carry small items such as tools, spare tubes, and other light items.

The seat pack was initially made out of leather or canvas and featured a buckle closure. Later designs saw the use of more modern materials such as nylon and polyester. The popularity of the seat pack has grown over the years, with various designs and sizes now available to suit different types of cycling.

Today, the term 'Seat Pack' is used to describe any type of small saddle bag designed to be mounted on the seat of a bicycle. It is a popular choice among cyclists due to its convenience and ability to carry small items such as tools, spare tubes, and other light items.

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