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Sector Time is the time taken to complete a section of a Time Trial course.

Example usage: 'I recorded a sector time of 30 minutes for the first section of the course.'

Most used in: Time Trial cycling events.

Most used by: Time Trial cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

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What is Sector Time in Time Trial Cycling?

Sector Time is a term used in Time Trial cycling to refer to the time it takes to complete a section of a course. This is used to measure the performance of a cyclist over a certain distance, as well as to compare the performance of cyclists across different courses.

Sector Time is measured from the beginning of the section to the end, and is usually displayed in hundredths of a second. This is useful for breaking down the performance of a cyclist into smaller sections, so that the performance of each section can be analyzed.

Time Trial cycling is a competitive cycling event in which cyclists compete against the clock to complete a course in the fastest time. The course is usually composed of multiple sectors, and the total time taken to complete the course is the sum of the time taken for each sector.

Time Trial cycling is a popular form of competitive cycling, and is often used as a measure of a cyclist's performance. Professional cyclists often use Sector Time as a measure of their performance, and some races even award medals based on sector times.


The Origins of 'Sector Time' in Time Trial Cycling

The term 'Sector Time' was first used in the early 2000s in the context of Time Trial cycling. It is used to refer to the time taken to complete a particular section of a Time Trial course, usually a flat or downhill section. This is in contrast to the overall time taken to complete the entire course, which is known as 'Total Time'.

The term was coined by Belgian cyclist and coach Jan Maes, who was the first to introduce the concept to the cycling community in 2001. Maes developed the idea of breaking down a Time Trial course into individual sections as a way of better analyzing a cyclist's performance. This idea was quickly adopted by other Time Trial coaches and riders, and the term 'Sector Time' has become widely used in the sport.

Today, Sector Times are used to identify areas of a cyclist's performance that need to be improved upon, and to measure the progress of a cyclist over time. They are also used to compare the performance of different riders on the same course. As such, Sector Times have become an important part of Time Trial cycling.

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