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Verb, Noun

To raise the upper body off the bicycle seat while pedaling

Example usage: I sat up to get a better view of the scenery.

Most used in: Mountain, road, and track cycling.

Most used by: Cyclists who are looking to increase their speed and/or get a better view of their surroundings.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Climbing, Standing, Rising, Out of the Saddle,


What is Sitting Up in Cycling?

Sitting up in cycling is the act of raising your body off the saddle while you are pedaling. It is one of the most important techniques in cycling, as it allows you to sit in a comfortable, upright position while riding. This upright position allows you to ride with better balance and control, and it also helps you to keep your legs in a more efficient pedaling position.

Sitting up is also important for conserving energy during long rides. Studies have shown that cyclists can save up to 8% of their energy expenditure by sitting up while cycling. This can help you to ride further, faster, and with less fatigue.

When sitting up, it is important to keep your back straight and your arms and shoulders relaxed. This will help you to maintain an efficient and comfortable pedaling position. It is also important to keep your head and eyes up, so you can see the road ahead of you.

Origin of the Term 'Sitting Up' in Cycling

The phrase 'sitting up' has been used in cycling since the late 19th century, first appearing in print in the late 1880s. It was used to describe the position of a rider who was sitting up on the saddle, as opposed to leaning forward or crouching down. The term is believed to have originated in France and the United Kingdom, where cycling was popular at the time.

By the early 20th century, the term had become a common part of the cycling lexicon and was used to describe the position of a rider who was not leaning forward or crouching down while pedaling. It was also used to describe a rider who was not pushing the pedals hard, but instead was riding at a more leisurely pace.

Today, the term 'sitting up' is still used to describe a rider who is not leaning forward or crouching down while riding and is instead sitting up in the saddle. The phrase is often used to describe a rider who is pedaling at a leisurely pace, rather than pushing hard on the pedals.

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