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Splits: A measure of how quickly a duathlete completes the running and cycling sections of a race.

Example usage: I'm aiming to get faster splits in my next duathlon.

Most used in: Duathlon events around the world.

Most used by: Duathletes and triathletes who compete in duathlons.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 2

Also see: Time Trial, Intervals, Time Splits, Power Splits,


What Are Cycling Splits?

Cycling splits are a measure of performance used in cycling to track how fast a cyclist is going over a certain distance. Splits are calculated by dividing the total distance of a ride into equal segments and then measuring the time it takes to complete each segment. The total time for each segment is then taken to calculate the average speed for that segment.

Splits can be used to measure the performance of a cyclist over a single ride or over a period of time. They can be used to track improvements in performance and can also be compared to the performance of other cyclists. Splits are also useful for determining the optimal pace for a given ride, as they can give an indication of where a cyclist is pushing too hard or where they can push harder.

The use of splits in cycling has been increasing in recent years, with more and more cyclists using them to track their progress. According to a survey conducted by the USA Cycling Foundation in 2020, nearly two-thirds of cyclists use splits to measure their performance and set goals.

Splits provide cyclists with valuable insight into their performance and can be a great way to help them improve their cycling. By tracking their splits, cyclists can gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses and see where they need to focus their training.


The Origins of the Cycling Term 'Splits'

The cycling term 'splits' is believed to have originated in the United States in the late 1800s. It first appeared in print in the San Francisco Examiner in 1889, where it was used to describe a race in which cyclists competed against each other in pairs, with each cyclist taking turns leading the other. The first person to complete the course in the fastest time was declared the winner.

The term has since been used to describe a variety of competitive cycling events, such as time trials, track races, and criteriums. It has also been used to describe situations in which a single cyclist is pitted against the clock, such as in an individual time trial.

Today, the term 'splits' is used to refer to the time difference between two cyclists in a race, or the difference between a cyclist's fastest and slowest times in an individual time trial. The term has become an integral part of the language of competitive cycling, and is used to describe a variety of situations in which cyclists compete against each other or against the clock.

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