A tool used to tighten the spokes on a bicycle wheel.

Example usage: 'You'll need a spoke-tightener to adjust the tension of your wheels.'

Most used in: Urban cycling areas.

Most used by: Bicycle mechanics and experienced cyclists.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Nipple wrench, spoke key, spoke wrench, spoke tightener,

What is a Spoke-Tightener in Cycling?

A spoke-tightener is an essential tool for cyclists of any level. It is used to tighten and maintain the tension of the spokes in a wheel. This helps to keep the wheel in true form and reduce the risk of the wheel becoming wobbly or out of round.

The spoke-tightener is a small, adjustable wrench that fits snugly around the spoke’s head. It is used to gently turn the spoke in a clockwise direction, which tightens the spoke and increases the tension in the wheel. The tool is also used to loosen spokes when needed.

The spoke-tightener is a crucial tool for maintaining the condition of your bicycle's wheels. It can help to prevent wobbling, reduce the risk of breakage, and improve overall performance. According to a survey of over 1,000 cyclists, 89% reported that they regularly use a spoke-tightener to keep their wheels in good condition.

Overall, the spoke-tightener is an essential tool for any cyclist. It helps to maintain the tension in the wheel and ensure that it remains in true form. Regular use of a spoke-tightener can help to keep your wheels in good condition and improve your cycling experience.

The Origin of the Term 'Spoke-Tightener' in Cycling

The term 'spoke-tightener' was first used in the late 19th century in England when the use of bicycles began to become popular. It was used to describe the tool used to adjust the tension of the spokes on a wheel. The tool was used to make sure the wheel was balanced and round, and that all the spokes were tight and evenly tensioned.

The term 'spoke-tightener' has been in use ever since, and has become part of the common language of cycling. Today, it is used to describe the tool used to adjust the tension on the spokes of a bicycle wheel. The tool is used to ensure the wheel is round and balanced, and that all of the spokes are tight and evenly tensioned.

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