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A long, difficult ride that tests a cyclist's endurance

Example usage: Going on a sufferfest is a great way to challenge yourself.

Most used in: Cycling circles in the United States.

Most used by: Endurance cyclists and triathletes.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: Interval Training, Grand Fondo, Hill Climbing, Time Trial,


What is a 'Sufferfest' in Cycling?

The term ‘sufferfest’ is used to describe a cycling event that includes a series of challenging and difficult obstacles that push a cyclist to their physical and mental limits. These events can be anything from a long-distance bike tour to a multi-day mountain bike race, and can often be the ultimate test of endurance and determination.

For those who enjoy the thrill of pushing themselves to their limits, these events can be incredibly rewarding. Statistics show that more than 60% of cyclists say they are more likely to participate in a ‘sufferfest’ than any other type of event. This could be because they offer a unique sense of accomplishment and a feeling of personal achievement.

The term ‘sufferfest’ is often used to describe any event that involves pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion. These events can be incredibly rewarding and can also help to build confidence and resilience. While these events may be difficult, they are also a great way to challenge yourself and test your limits.

The Origin of the Term 'Sufferfest' in Cycling

The term 'sufferfest' is a term used in cycling to refer to a ride or race that involves intense physical effort. It is believed that the term was first used in the early 1990s in the United States, although some sources suggest the term may have originated in Europe.

The term is believed to have gained popularity in the mid-2000s, when endurance cycling events such as the Tour Divide, Trans Iowa, and Dirty Kanza began to gain in popularity. These events were known for their long distances and challenging terrain, and riders began to refer to them as “sufferfests”.

Today, the term “sufferfest” is widely used in cycling circles to refer to any ride or event that involves intense physical effort. It is also often used to describe particularly gruelling training sessions.

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