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tem-poe ry-d


A tempo ride is a moderate-paced ride to build endurance.

Example usage: I'm taking a tempo ride to work this morning.

Most used in: Commuting cycling circles.

Most used by: Cyclists commuting to work or school.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

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What is a Tempo Ride?

Tempo rides are a type of cycling workout that is designed to increase your aerobic endurance and efficiency. This type of ride is also known as a “threshold” ride, as it is designed to take you to the point of exhaustion, or “threshold”. The goal of a tempo ride is to maintain a steady pace for an extended period of time, usually 20-60 minutes.

In order to achieve the desired intensity level, tempo rides typically involve a moderate-to-high cadence, with a cadence of 90-100 RPMs being the most common. The intensity level should also be high enough to make conversation difficult, but not so high that you can’t maintain the pace for the entire duration of the ride.

Tempo rides are great for building aerobic fitness and endurance, as well as improving your overall cycling performance. Studies have shown that tempo rides can increase your VO2 max, which is a measure of your body’s ability to use oxygen efficiently. Additionally, tempo rides can help increase your lactate threshold, which is the point at which your body begins to produce lactic acid and your performance starts to suffer.

Overall, tempo rides are an excellent way to increase your aerobic fitness and endurance, as well as improving your overall cycling performance. If you’re looking for a way to take your cycling to the next level, tempo rides are a great option.

The Origins of the Cycling Term 'Tempo Ride'

The term 'Tempo Ride' has been used in the cycling world for over a century. It was first used in the early 1900s in France, and has since become a popular cycling term around the world.

A Tempo Ride is a type of ride where cyclists ride at a steady pace, usually faster than a leisurely ride but slower than a race. This type of ride is used to build endurance and is often done in groups. It is also known as a Threshold Ride, a Steady State Ride, or a Time Trial Ride.

The term 'Tempo Ride' is thought to have originated from French cyclists in the early 1900s. The French word for tempo is 'tempo,' which is derived from the Latin word for time, 'tempus.' This suggests that the term was likely derived from the idea of riding at a consistent pace over a certain period of time.

Today, Tempo Rides are used by cyclists all over the world. They are a great way to build endurance and improve performance. Whether you're a recreational cyclist or a professional racer, Tempo Rides are an important part of any cycling routine.

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