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Yoo-nee Stop-ee

Noun, Verb

Uni-Stoppie is a trick in unicycling where the rider balances on the back wheel while the front wheel is in the air.

Example usage: 'I saw an amazing uni-stoppie on my way to work this morning!'

Most used in: Unicycling competitions in North America and Europe.

Most used by: Unicycling enthusiasts and professional athletes.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 5/10

Also see: Endo, Endo-stop, Stoppie, Endo-stoppie,

What is a Uni-Stoppie?

A Uni-Stoppie is a cycling trick that requires balance, skill, and control. It is a trick where a cyclist lifts the front wheel of their bike off the ground and then holds it in the air. It is a common trick seen in BMX and mountain biking, and is often used to show off the rider’s skills.

The trick is also known as a nose wheelie, front wheelie, or front wheelie hop. The most impressive part of the trick is that the rider is able to hold the front wheel off the ground for a period of time without the back wheel leaving the ground. This takes a lot of practice and skill to perfect.

Uni-Stoppies are becoming increasingly popular, with some riders taking the trick to the extreme and attempting to perform them on very difficult terrain. According to a survey by the National Sporting Goods Association, over 32 million Americans rode a bicycle in 2020, and with the rise in popularity of extreme sports, it is likely the number of Uni-Stoppie riders will continue to grow.

The Origin of the Cycling Term 'Uni-Stoppie'

The cycling term 'Uni-Stoppie' was first used in the late 1980s in the United Kingdom. It was coined by British cyclists to describe a stunt that involves riding a unicycle and performing a stoppie - a trick that involves lifting the front wheel off the ground while the rider remains balanced on the rear wheel.

The stunt is performed by shifting the rider's weight onto the front wheel while the unicycle is in motion. The rider then lifts the front wheel off the ground while maintaining balance and control on the rear wheel. The rider then continues to ride the unicycle until they come to a stop.

The stunt is a difficult one to perform and requires a great deal of skill and balance. It is often used in competitions and demonstrations as a show of skill and balance. The term 'Uni-Stoppie' is still used today to describe the stunt and is widely known among the unicycling community.

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