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Rehook Ass Savers Regular Saddle Mounted Mudguard

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Whether you commute to work or race in the UCI World tour, the Ass Savers Regular saddle mudguard will keep your butt dry and dramatically increase the comfort on cold and wet rides.

  • Keeps your butt dry on wet roads
  • New patented FLIP-TIP™ attachment system
  • Easy to fit, requires no tools
  • Fits every standard rail saddle, also with carbon rails
  • Suitable for tire widths between 23-35mm

"Quite possibly the easiest fender to fit" Colin Levitch, Cycling News

The latest Ass Saver sports the new FLIP-TIP™ attachment system. Once fitted, simply fold up the tip of the Ass Saver and it will securely lock to the saddle rails.

Rehook Ass Savers clip-on mudguard is your new best friend. Easy to hook up with, never being a burden and always there to cover your back, no matter what.

Sweden Flag - Swedish Design and manufacturing

Made in Sweden from recycled plastic




My partner loved his present and thank you so much for the amazing customer service.

- Amy

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Ass Savers made from?

Ass Savers are made from 100% recycled polypropylene. This type of polypropylene is often used for food packaging, due to its non-toxic composition. Ass Savers pass both REACH and Prop 65 tests.

The polypropylene is obtained from post-consumer recycled plastics, which are hugely different from post-industrial recycled plastics. As we move towards a more eco-friendly world, it's important to be able to identify and differentiate the two.

Post-industrial recycled plastics are obtained from the manufacturing process, and thus act as more of a pre-consumer, virgin material. They are a by-product of the manufacturing process. Post-consumer recycled plastics, on the other hand, are already in the loop. They have been made and used, ready to be upcycled into useful products. This keeps the initial plastic away from landfill, instead of generating more.

What are Ass Savers?

Ass Savers are lightweight, clip-on mudguards designed to protect your cycling backside from spray, mud, and debris kicked up by the rear wheel. It's a convenient and minimalist solution for riders who do not have permanent mudguards on their bikes, offering a temporary and easily removable option.

Ass Savers are popular for their simple installation without the need for tools; they just tuck under the saddle and clip into place. They are especially useful in unpredictable weather or for those who ride on wet or muddy roads and trails.

What is the weight of an Ass Saver?

An Ass Saver typically weighs 32 grams, providing a lightweight solution for protecting against road spray without adding noticeable weight to your bike setup.

Where are Ass Savers manufactured?

Ass Savers are manufactured in Sweden. The company is based in Gothenburg and prides itself on producing these practical mudguards locally.

When was Ass Savers Created?

Ass Savers was created in 2011 by designer Staffan Widell, as a makeshift cardboard mudguard, to be used on his way home from work. After developing a more sophisticated version with his cycling pals, Widell was able to quit his job after 6 months, highlighting just how practical the Ass Savers are. They are also the first mudguard to be used by professional cyclists in the UCI World Tour. 

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