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Rehook Colour - BLUE

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The original tool to get your chain back on your bike - now available in a range of colours.

Rehooks unique patented design  keeps oil and dirt away from your hands and clothes - No more jammed fingers and oily bar tape!

It can get into small gaps that fingers can’t reach and makes a multitude of chain related tasks and jams much simpler to resolve. Helping to keep frames free from scratches and abrasion and mech’s clear of debris.

The perfect addition to your cycle tool kit. Lightweight and easy to use with no mess. Ideal for dropped chains, jams, maintenance and when changing a tyre.

Its adjustable high-grip silicon strap attaches to your bike frame so it is immediately accessible and you can bounce over rocks and curbs with Rehook firmly in place – no rummaging through pockets or panniers.

At less than 20 grams, you can attach it to your bike, so it's always ready when you need it.

Its really easy to use and the honeycomb design makes it super lightweight.

Designed and manufactured in the UK. 

Dimensions: 135mm x 24mm x 9mm
Weight: 20g

Made in the UK within 30 minutes of our Norfolk HQ.

  • Hook

    Use Rehook to hook your dropped chain

  • Fit

    Put the chain back on at the top of the gears

  • Turn

    Lift the back wheel while using Rehook to turn your gears forward

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Clean Hands

Rehook's patented design ensures oil and dirt stays away from you and your bike. Rehook keeps oil and dirt off your hands, clothes and bar tape. Keeping you clean ride after ride.

“Never get your hands mucky again with this simple tool for refitting a dropped chain”

 - David Arthur, Road.CC

Lightweight & Attachable

Rehook tools are ultra lightweight and attach to your bike frame so they are always ready whenever you need them.

Great for rear gears

Rehook tools fit into small gaps that fingers can’t reach and make a multitude of chain related tasks and jams much simpler to resolve. Helping to keep frames free from scratches and abrasion and mech’s clear of debris.


Rehook received investment offers from all 5 Dragons on series 17, episode 4

  • Great British Entrepreneur Awards made in the uk rehook bike award

“A great gift for any cyclist or gadget lover”