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Rehook Gooeys Puncture Repair Kit

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Rehook Gooeys puncture repair patches are a vital part of every cyclists kit. Rehook Gooeys are... gooey! They stick straight to your tube with no glue needed to patch your puncture. Gooey repair patches flex with the tube to keep them latched in position as the tube inflates. Just Sand It, Peel It, Stick It - then you have a reliable seal in just 1 minute. These tiny lightweight puncture repair kits easily fit into you jersey pocket or storage pack and weigh a minuscule 4 grams.

HIGH STRENGTH - 6x Gooey patches in each tiny 4 gram container.
SUPER STRETCHY - Gooeys grow, flex and twist with the inner tube.
EASY - Just Sand It, Peel It, Stick It. No glue, no mess.
ESSENTIAL - An essential for all types of cyclist including; leisure, commuting, time trial, triathlon, off-road, family, touring, expedition, fitness, sport etc.
JUST 4 GRAMS - This lightweight glue less repair kit is ideal for all types of rubber inner tubes including E-bikes, mountain bike (MTB), road, cyclocross, hybrid, BMX, fixed gear fixies.

Each kit includes:

  • 6x 2.5x2.5cm patches
  • Sandpaper
  • Storage container and instructions

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