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Rehook Mini Cycling Multi-Tool - Build Your Own

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My partner loved his present and thank you so much for the amazing customer service.

- Amy

  • Hook

    Use Rehook to hook your dropped chain

  • Fit

    Put the chain back on at the top of the gears

  • Turn

    Lift the back wheel while using Rehook to turn your gears forward

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Our smallest tool yet

Rehook mini folds open to reveal a S2 Steel PH1 Phillips screwdriver attachment, as well as the patented Rehook tool head. Ideal for a range of roadside adjustments and getting your chain back on your bike - without the mess. 


🚲 Rehook Mini

🧰 Tool bits of your choice

🔒 Carabiner clip


You can also add a full set of heavy duty tool bits that are curated just for cyclists. Have the luxury of a full tool kit in a pocket-sized package. The extra tool bits include: H4, H5 & H6 Hex/Allen keys and T25 & T30 Torx, as well as the PH1 screwdriver.

Rehook Cycling Tools Featured in Top Cycling Magazines

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight of Rehook Mini?

Rehook Mini is extremely lightweight, with a weight of only 21 grams. This makes it an ideal tool for cyclists who prioritize a lightweight setup and convenience without adding noticeable bulk to their gear.

What are the dimensions of Rehook Mini?

Rehook Mini boasts compact dimensions of 70mm in length, 21mm in width, and 12mm in thickness. These small proportions make it exceptionally portable and easy to carry, allowing cyclists to effortlessly include it in their on-the-go tool kit.

Does Rehook Mini come in other colours apart from blue?

Rehook Mini indeed offers a variety of color options, allowing for personalization and style preference. With a selection of pink, blue, khaki, yellow, or black for the outer sections, and a choice of a black or grey tool head, you can choose a combination that suits your taste or matches your cycling gear. This range of colors makes it a visually appealing accessory in addition to its practical utility.

Does Rehook Mini come with a carabiner clip?

Yes, Rehook Mini includes a Carabiner clip, adding to its convenience and portability. You can easily attach it to your keyring or bag, ensuring that this handy tool is always within reach whenever you need to deal with a slipped chain or make a quick gear adjustment. This feature makes it a practical accessory for both casual and serious cyclists.

What tool bit does Rehook Mini hold?

Rehook Mini is equipped with a PH1 Phillips screwdriver bit as standard, catering to the common screw head size found on many bikes. For those who require additional versatility, there is an optional tin of 5 extra tool bits available for purchase. These bits include T25 & T30 Torx bits and H4, H5 & H6 Hex/Allen keys, which are compatible with Rehook Mini, allowing users to customise the tool according to their specific cycling needs or preferences.

Where is this tool manufactured?

The tool is designed and manufactured in the UK. This commitment to local production supports the local economy, allows for close relationships with suppliers, and ensures a high standard of quality control for our products. Manufacturing within the UK also aligns with environmental considerations by reducing our transportation carbon footprint.