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Rehook Resilience Cycling Helmet Matt Ultra White

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Rehook Resilience is a high comfort, size adjustable safety helmet, designed for all cyclists. It is extremely lightweight and has an easily adjustable ratchet fitting to give a snug fit. The integrated light has 3 illumination settings to give you the best balance of visibility and extended battery life. Cushioned chin strap and optional visor ensure a comfortable ride, whilst the integrated fly cover keeps bees out of your bonnet.

    Whether you cycle casually or seriously, you need a high-quality, high-comfort helmet like Rehook Resilience to keep you safe whilst riding your bike. The sleek and stylish unisex design provides a perfect blend of comfort and protection, and features such as the integrated light and optional visor allow you to adjust the helmet freely for safe cycling in any weather. More than just an accessory, making Rehook Resilience part of your daily cycling routine is sure to bring you great comfort, style and most importantly; protection.

    • Integrated light with multiple illumination settings, for a sleek design that lets you adjust your lighting on the go.
    • Quick and easy to adjust even in a rush.
    • Comfortable snug fit with cushioned chin strap.
    • Optional visor and integrated fly cover to protect you from the elements.
    • Extremely lightweight and durable design that provides maximum protection while you ride your bicycle.


    • ‎Removable Visor
    • Bright LED Safety Light (Batteries Included)
    • Cushioned Chin Strap
    • Integrated Fly Cover
    • Carrying/Storage Bag

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