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Rehook WRAP Indoor Bike Cover

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Rehook WRAP is an essential aid to protect your bike and home.

Designed to be used in your car, home and hotel rooms, keeping floors and walls clean and free from mud, oil and tyre marks. Rehook WRAP comes in a range of contemporary designs, created to be as unique as you are.

Rehook WRAP is easily folded to be taken with you whilst you travel. Crafted for durability and flexes to fit most adult bikes, whilst still allowing you to use the majority of existing bike racks or mounts. Rehook WRAP is also UV proof, protecting your bike from the sun's rays if stored outside or near a window. 

ONE SIZE - Fits most standard sized adult bikes

Min. 165cm - Max. 200cm

Premium Cover. Fair price.

We created Rehook WRAP after being disappointed with the quality of the cheaper covers found online and feeling that the price tag of the current market leaders couldn't be justified. Rehook WRAP is a premium cover with a fair price tag. Made in the UK.

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