We recently spotted a really thorough review of Rehook Tyre Glider featured in Cycling Weekly. The tool was taken through its paces as part of a review feature, gaining some well deserved praise on the way.

The reviewer Paul Grele, an all disciplines cyclist of over 40 years, began testing the tool on a Mavic Open Pro rim & Continental GP 4S tyre combination. The result? Not a particular challenge for the Rehook Tyre glider and it proved it's worth with no hesitancy.

Next up for testing were tubeless ready BORG26 wheels, fitted with tubed Pirelli P Zero Race 4S tyres. These tyres have a TLR feature which may contribute to the tight fitting nature of this combination. However Rehook Tyre Glider did its work well again and removed and reinstalled the tyre quickly and easily. Prior to the use of Rehook Tyre Glider Paul, the reviewer, commented that he has always had to place his tyre lever carefully to ensure he had enough space for his second lever, a wrong move resulting in a breakage. However we find that the joy with Rehook Tyre Glider is that with just one tool to glide with, that guess work is taken out of removing a tyre.

For a comparison, a smaller Brompton B75 model with a Schwalbe Marathon tyre was up next for testing. No problem, the Rehook Tyre Glider found this combination very easy to remove and refit. 

In the articles conclusion, Rehook Tyre Glider was commended on how, in comparison to standard tyre levers, the tool felt very secure when gliding around the wheel. Creating far less threat of trapped and knocked fingers and hands from slipping tyre levers. An important element of the review also to be noted was that even after vigorous testing on different tyre and wheel combinations, the Rehook Tyre Glider and all rims and wheels remained unmarked.

So there you have it, Rehook Tyre Glider, the evolution in tyre levers. A simple and easy way to remove and reinstall your tyres with just one tool.

You can read the full review here

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The evolution of tyre levers. Quicker, more robust and simpler to use, Rehook Tyre Glider glides tyres both on and off with ease.

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