Today we'll be looking at how to get a chain back on the rear derailleur of your bike using a Rehook tool. In the video, the chain has come off the front and rear gears and gotten caught jammed behind the gears too. Tricky jams like these often occur if the peddles are turned whilst the chain is not in place. Thankfully, with the help of a Rehook tool, this job becomes a lot easier and you can do it without getting your fingers jammed and oily in the process!

To recap the steps in the video, firstly you should retrieve your Rehook tool, which can easily attach to your bike frame or fit in your pocket.


Jammed Chains

You can then use the tool to work the chain from out between the rear gears and spokes so that it is no longer caught between them. Rehook is specifically designed for reaching into awkward small spaces on your bike, so even if your chain is caught up and stuck really badly, Rehook will be able to get the job done. The key to unsticking a jam is to use lots of small movement - don't be tempted to force the chain out as this can damage both your chain and bike frame!


Read Gears and Derailleur

Once unstuck, you should use your Rehook tool to work the chain over your rear gear, making sure to check which gear your bike is in and lining up the chain with the rear derailleur as you do so. Once it is lined up, you'll want to hold the derailleur down and make a backwards 'S' with the chain, popping it in the front then around the back, using your Rehook to make any adjustments if the chain isn't quite lining up.


Front Gears

With the chain in place on the rear derailleur, you just need to get your chain back into place on the front. Simply take the chain with your Rehook tool from the bottom, fit it over the top of the gears, and use the tool like a crank handle to turn your gears forwards. You can use your free hand to take the weight off the back wheel as the gears turn forwards.

It is often tempting to put the chain in place at the bottom of the gears and turn the gears backwards. However this removes the tension from the rear derailleur which can lead to 


With that finished, you're good to go again. You can attach your Rehook tool back onto the bike frame and hit the road with your chain fully fixed! I hope this guide and the video have helped you, be sure to leave us a comment if so or if you have any questions!


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