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Fahrt-lek Training

Noun, Noun Phrase

Fartlek Training is a type of interval training for cyclists.

Example usage: I'm doing some Fartlek Training on my ride today.

Most used in: Europe, particularly in Sweden where it originated.

Most used by: Cyclists looking for a more varied and challenging workout.

Popularity: 8

Comedy Value: 4

Also see: Interval Training, High-Intensity Interval Training, Tabata Training, Sprints,

What is Fartlek Training?

Fartlek training is a form of interval training used by cyclists and runners to improve their performance. It involves alternating between periods of hard and easy effort, allowing the athlete to vary the intensity of their workout. The name 'Fartlek' is Swedish for 'speed play'.

Fartlek training is often used to increase aerobic capacity, build endurance, and improve an athlete's speed. It can be done on roads, trails, or other terrain. During a workout, the athlete can choose to alternate between sprints, jogs, or any other type of speed variation. The goal of Fartlek training is to challenge the body and improve overall performance.

Fartlek training is an effective way for cyclists to improve their speed and endurance. Studies have found that this type of interval training can improve aerobic capacity by up to 10%. It can also improve an athlete's VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can use during exercise.

Fartlek training is a great way for cyclists to improve their performance. It is an effective form of interval training that can help cyclists build endurance and increase their speed. By varying the intensity of the workout, athletes can challenge their bodies and improve their overall performance.

What is Fartlek Training?

Fartlek Training is a type of interval training commonly used by cyclists and runners. It is a Swedish term that literally translates to “speed play” and combines both continuous and interval training. Fartlek Training was first developed in the 1930s in Sweden by a coach named Gösta Holmér.

Holmér was looking for a way to improve the fitness of his athletes and came up with the idea of Fartlek Training. He encouraged his athletes to run at various speeds and over various distances in order to increase their endurance and overall fitness. The idea was to replicate the changes in terrain and speed that athletes would encounter during a race, thus making them better prepared for competition.

Fartlek Training has become increasingly popular among cyclists and runners due to its versatility and effectiveness. It can be tailored to the individual’s fitness level and goals, making it an ideal way to improve performance. Fartlek Training is also a great way to break up the monotony of a long run or ride, making it a fun and enjoyable way to train.

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