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verb, noun

A pedal technique used to increase efficiency while cycling.

Example usage: He was able to increase his speed by using the heel-and-toe technique.

Most used in: Road and mountain biking communities.

Most used by: Cyclists who are looking to increase their efficiency.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 4/10

Also see: pedaling circles, spin-ups, cadence drills, spinning technique,


What is Heel-and-Toe in Cycling?

Heel-and-toe is a technique used by cyclists to maintain their balance and stability during a ride. It involves the use of the feet to press down on the pedals in a rhythmic fashion, alternating between the heel and the toe. By pressing down on the pedal with the heel, the rider can increase the power they put into their pedalling. By pressing down with the toe, the rider can increase their balance and stability.

Heel-and-toe is an important technique for both recreational and competitive cyclists, as it can help them maintain their speed and stability throughout a ride. According to a survey conducted by Cyclist Magazine, 70% of competitive cyclists use heel-and-toe as part of their training routine. This technique can also help recreational cyclists increase their speed and endurance over time.

Heel-and-toe is a relatively simple technique, but it can make a big difference in the quality of a cyclist’s ride. With practice, riders can learn to use this technique to increase their speed and stability, allowing them to make the most of their cycling experience.

The Origin of the Term 'Heel-and-Toe' in Cycling

The term “heel-and-toe” in cycling has its origins in the late 19th century in Europe. It refers to a technique that is used to spin the pedals in a circular motion.

This technique was primarily used by road cyclists, who would apply pressure to the pedals with both their heel and their toe. This allowed them to gain a greater degree of control over their speed and cadence when cycling.

The term “heel-and-toe” was first used to describe this technique in the late 1880s in France. It was later adopted by cyclists in other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the United States.

Today, the heel-and-toe technique is still used by many cyclists, particularly those riding on roads. It is an important skill to master when it comes to cycling efficiently and safely.

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