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noun, adjective

A type of cyclist that is strong and steady over long distances.

Example usage: The pro cyclist was a real rouleur, completing the race with ease.

Most used in: European cycling circles.

Most used by: Cyclists who regularly participate in long-distance races.

Popularity: 8/10

Comedy Value: 2/10

Also see: Rouleur, Domestique, Diesel, Grinder,


What is a Rouleur in Cycling?

Rouleur is a French term used in cycling to describe a rider who is strong and consistent over a long distance. These riders are often considered the workhorses of the cycling world, usually employed to help the team leader in a race. The term derives from the French verb rouler, which means “to roll”.

Rouleurs are typically strong all-rounders who can support their team leader in a number of ways, such as: setting a strong pace to tire out other riders, protecting the team leader from wind, and helping to bridge gaps in the peloton.

Rouleurs are also known for their ability to ride at a consistent pace over long distances. According to research, the average power output of a professional rouleur over a 4-hour ride is around 250 watts. This is significantly lower than the average power output of a sprinter (400 watts) or climber (300 watts).

Rouleurs are an essential part of any cycling team, and their ability to consistently perform over long distances makes them invaluable players. Rouleurs often get overlooked in cycling, but their role is just as important as that of the sprinters, climbers and time trialists.

The History of the Cycling Term 'Rouleur'

The term 'Rouleur' is a French word that originated in the late 1800s. In French, it literally means 'roller' and was used to describe a cyclist who was able to maintain a consistent and fast pace over long distances. It was first used in the Tour de France in 1903, and its popularity grew over the following decades.

In the cycling world, the term is used to describe a cyclist who is able to ride with a consistent speed over long distances or over varied terrain. It is a term used to describe a rider that is able to maintain a steady pace and is not as concerned with sprints or other short bursts of speed. This type of rider is often able to use their endurance to their advantage and stay ahead of their competition.

Today, the term 'Rouleur' is used to describe a cyclist who is able to maintain a consistent pace over longer distances and is able to handle the demands of a longer race. It is a term that is used to describe a rider who is not focused on sprints, but rather on maintaining their speed and endurance over the course of a race. This type of rider is often seen as a valuable asset in any cycling team.

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