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Rehook is a simple tool that gets your chain back on your bike without the mess. It was launched at The Cycle Show, NEC Birmingham in September 2016.
Rehook was created by MD Wayne Taylor after dropping a chain on his daily commute, and turning up late for his office job, covered in oil.
Rehook was developed and launched using 3D printing. The launch product was 3D printed with the latest 'Laser Sintering' techniques and materials, enabling high quality production parts to be produced and the market to be tested, without a large initial investment. Using the power of 3D printing, Rehook was rapidly prototyped. With product development cycles measured in hours (not weeks) the team were able to fine tune the design, perfect the tool and test the market within 10 weeks.
The production capacity of SLS 3D printing (around 400 units per month) was soon reached and the company invested in tooling for injection moulding. This allowed demand for online sales direct to consumers to be met as well as enabling sales though additional channels. Rehooks online sales are primarily via as well as their website
​Packages for retailers have recently been launched and are now available to bike stores and repair shops. Packages include counter-top display boxes which enable shoppers to view demonstration videos, find online reviews and link to social media. The packaging was inspired by recent research which shows that in-store purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced by online reviews and videos - often viewed whilst in-store. It includes proximity technology, including NFC, to help make this a seamless experience. By taping a mobile device to the display, customers can find all the information they need about the product including seeing videos of how easy it is to use. A QR code is also available for devices without NFC.

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