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Rehook 5-Piece Bike Cleaning Kit

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Essential bike cleaning kit for maintaining a clean bicycle. Biodegradable eco friendly cleaning spray, All Purpose Brush, Circular Brush, Claw Brush and storage bag made from recycled bottles. For clean chains, tires, sprockets and drive-trains.

Our hunt for the best cleaning products took us to the Netherlands, the global home of cycling. Airolube produce the largest plant based cleaning range in the Netherlands and this vegetable formula bike cleaning spray has been developed to easily remove stubborn dirt without damaging the paint of your frame or other parts of your bike.

The Rehook 3 In 1 bike cleaning kit comes with three unique types of brush to make sure you’re well equipped to clean your entire bike. These 3 bike cleaning tools are an ideal bike cleaning set for general bike care and winter essentials after a dirty MTB ride or rainy day on your road bike.

  • The All Purpose Brush works well on the entire bike, specifically the frame.
  • The Claw Brush is ideal for getting to those hard to reach areas such as sprockets and cleaning them out to keep things clear.
  • The Circular bike cleaning Brush is designed specifically for easy and effectively cleaning your tires and frame. Its 2 prongs can be adjusted to fit your components and allow wrap around cleaning or parts.
  • Comes with a storage bag made entirely of recycled plastic bottles!

All together, this brush and bike wash set will allow any cyclist to easily clean and maintain their bike. The bicycle cleaning kit also comes with instructions on how to use all of your brushes effectively, to make sure you get muck off and get the best value out of your new tools.

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