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3x Bike Cleaning Brush Set

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This comprehensive set includes three specialised brushes, designed to tackle every nook and cranny of your beloved two-wheeler. These 3 bike cleaning tools are an ideal bike cleaning set for general bike care and winter essentials after a dirty MTB ride or rainy day out on the roads.

  • The All Purpose Brush is a versatile cleaning tool with sturdy bristles that effortlessly remove dirt, grime, and debris from various bike surfaces. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to scrub away stubborn stains with ease. From frames to handlebars, this brush ensures a thorough clean without causing any scratches or damage.

  • The Two-Pronged Brush features a unique dual-head design, making it perfect for wrapping around your tyres and frame. Its two prongs can be easily adjusted to fit your components allowing full coverage cleaning of parts.

  • The Claw Brush is ideal for cleaning out those hard-to-reach parts of your drivetrain.  Its slender profile allows you to access tight spaces, such as chainrings, cogs, and derailleurs. The unique claw shape effectively penetrates between the gears, dislodging trapped dirt and ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your drivetrain components.

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