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Revive Bio Grease


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Elevate your cycling experience with Revive Bio Grease – the ultimate solution for optimal bike performance and protection. Crafted with precision, our plant-based, biodegradable grease offers more than just lubrication; it shields your bicycle from corrosion and enhances its overall performance.

Our Bio Grease's unique formula forms a protective barrier that safeguards metal components from moisture and rust, ensuring your bike stays in peak condition even in challenging environments. The biodegradable nature of the grease underscores our commitment to sustainability, leaving minimal impact on the environment.

Experience smoother rides, reduced friction, and extended longevity for your bike's moving parts. From bars to bearings, Bio Grease keeps every component operating seamlessly, translating into improved efficiency and a longer lifespan for your beloved bicycle.

  • UPF 50+
  • UPF 50+
  • UPF 50+

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