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Revive Make-It-Shine Bike Care Kit


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Rehook Revive Make-It-Shine Care Kit is the ultimate solution for achieving a brilliant, showroom-quality shine for your bike. This comprehensive kit includes a range of high-quality products and tools specifically designed to enhance the appearance and protect the key components of your bike.

Our Frame Speed Wax is a premium solution formulated to create a long-lasting, protective barrier that shields your bike's frame against the elements while providing a glossy, factory-fresh finish. Its advanced formula not only safeguards your frame from moisture, UV rays, and environmental contaminants but also enhances its overall appearance, making it the envy of fellow riders.

Our Tyre Conditioner is designed to rejuvenate and protect your bike's tyres. This specialised formula enhances the grip, appearance, and durability of your tyres, ensuring optimal performance on the road or trail. It revitalises worn-out tyres, restoring their flexibility and resilience for improved traction, cornering grip, and overall control.

The two Recycled Microfibre Cloths are made from recycled plastic bottles and are perfect for applying products and achieving a streak-free shine. Their soft and absorbent fibres efficiently lift dirt, grime, and excess wax, leaving a pristine and lustrous finish on your bike's frame and tyres.

The Wash & Store Bucket provides a convenient container for water and an organised space to keep your cleaning tools and products. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting use, and its compact size allows for easy storage, keeping everything tidy and ready for your next bike care session.

  • UPF 50+
  • Made from recycled bottles
  • UPF 50+

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