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Revive Expanding Cellulose Sponge

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Rehook Revive Expanding Cellulose Sponge is a versatile and eco-friendly cleaning tool proudly made in the UK. Crafted from premium cellulose material, this sponge offers exceptional performance while prioritising sustainability.
Cellulose is a natural and renewable material derived from plant fibres yet is highly absorbent, allowing it to effortlessly soak up liquids. Unlike synthetic alternatives, cellulose is biodegradable and compostable, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
Our sponge comes in a compressed form at just 3.5mm thick to allow for convenient storage and minimise our carbon footprint. Upon contact with water, the sponge instantly expands to 10x thickness, revealing its full size and absorbency. Simply soak it in water, and watch it expand to provide a soft and resilient cleaning surface.
Our sponge's dense yet soft structure ensures a gentle touch on delicate surfaces, making it safe for use on various bike components. Whether you're wiping down surfaces or cleaning your bike, this sponge delivers optimal cleaning power without leaving streaks or scratches. Its ergonomic shape and size provide a comfortable grip, allowing for precise and efficient cleaning. With this sponge, you can confidently maintain your bike's cleanliness and shine.

Made in the UK within 30 minutes of our Norfolk HQ
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