A Guide to Indoor Bike Covers

A Guide to Indoor Bike Covers

Indoor bike covers are an inexpensive solution to many problems you'll encounter when storing your bike. Whether you don't have the space for storage outside or you feel your bike is safer in your home, indoor bike covers are the way to go. 

Indoor bike covers offer protection for both your bike and home. They prevent scratches, tyre marks, dust build up, UV tyre damage, oil transfer onto clothes and furniture, they really are an essential piece of kit. 

indoor bike cover best velosock alternative

We know the difficulties of storage in cities, the headache over house deposits and scuff marks, and theft is all too common when bikes are chained outside. When traveling, some hotels wont allow you to keep your bike in your room, but with an indoor cover they can be much more amenable. Protection for your home and means of travel should be entirely accessible, without compromising on efficacy. 

Low-end bike covers typically go for around £10, whereas market leaders typically price their bike covers at around £60-£100. Low-end indoor bike covers are often made of thinner, less durable materials that offer little defence against bumps and knocks; high-end covers are limited in terms how much protection they offer whilst still being flexible, so you are really just paying for fancier designs. 

We created Rehook Wrap after being disappointed with the quality of the cheaper covers found online and feeling that the price tag of the current market leaders couldn't be justified. Rehook Wrap is a premium cover with a fair price tag, it also comes with its own carry bag made from recycled bottles. Perfect for taking your bike indoors, whether it be the car, in a hotel room, office or gym, you can rest assured that Rehook WRAP will save you from scuffs, oil transfer, muddy floors and lots more. Made in the UK.


indoor bike cover best velosock alternative

Grab your Rehook WRAP for £39.99 and ensure your bike and home are protected against mud, oil and tyre marks. Choose from a range of contemporary designs, crafted to be as unique as you are.

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