Winter Cycling | 3 Simple Steps to Stay Safe

Winter Cycling | 3 Simple Steps to Stay Safe



Step 1: Ensure Your Bike is Road Safe

Step 2: Plan Your Route

Step 3: Over-prepared Under-prepared

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Winter weather can be a huge factor in determining whether you hop on your bike or settle for the car. With the tips and tricks in this article, you can rest assured that we have covered all bases to help you travel safely and to ensure that you won't have to abandon your bike. 

Step 1: Ensure Your Bike is Road Safe

Before you head out onto the road, carry out an M-Check to scan for any problems that may arise when you are travelling. This process takes around 10 minutes in total and could save your life. Check out our blog post on how to do this properly. 

Step 2: Plan Your Route 

While quieter roads may be safer for rainy conditions, if snow and freezing temperatures are forecasted, it is best to stick to main roads that are more likely to be gritted. This is especially true for your morning commute, as a lack of traffic overnight means less chance of melting the ice on the roads. Use your best judgment and remember to also plan your journey home. 

What3words is a handy app that you can keep on your phone in case of an emergency. The app has divided the entire world into 3 metre squares, each with a unique combination of 3 words that you can share for precise location tracking. What3words is used by the emergency services and can be shared to those who do not have the app. 

Step 3: Over-prepared > Under-prepared

You don’t want to be caught short in icy weather. Ensure you are wearing waterproof clothes and that you have the tools for clear visibility, both for yourself and other drivers. When visibility is likely to be impaired, there is no better tool than our Rehook Resilience Helmet. This helmet comes with a removable visor and integrated fly cover to protect your eyes from wind and rain, and an integrated light with 3 illumination settings to help keep you seen. 

In addition to this, it is imperative that you take any repair tools with you in case of an emergency. If your view of the road is compromised due to puddles and thick snow, your chances of riding over sharp objects increases considerably. Our Rehook Gooeys - Puncture Repair Kit is only £5.99 and will have you covered for up to 6 punctures. For the most protection and best chance of a stress-free ride, we offer an entire Emergency Bike Repair Kit, complete with our most advanced multi-tool, Rehook PLUS; Rehook Air Mini Universal Bike Pump, Torx Tool Bits, Tyre Levers and, of course, a pack of Rehook Gooeys

Whether you're cycling to improve your health, to reduce your carbon footprint or to streamline your commute, don't let the weather get in your way. 

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